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Makiaj Makeup Academy offers a unique makeup and hair program dedicated to excellence and education and training the artist within you. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced courses to fit your needs and learning style. The Academy is taught by highly qualified artists and is designed to provide you with techniques to build your skills, improve your revenue and increase your clientele. Our courses offer a one of a kind experience designed to equip you with in-depth and practical instruction. Learn industry secrets from Makiaj Hair & Makeup Master Stylists and develop the skills that will set you apart in the world of beauty, bridal and fashion!

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5 Day 

5 - day course 

makeup intensive certificate 

Our 5-day makeup certification will provide you with the skills and knowledge you will need to be successful in the beauty, bridal and fashion industry. 

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• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Must have a photo ID

With a niche in the bridal, beauty and fashion world, the Academy will focus on our signature beauty & bridal looks! We will teach you the basics (color theory, foundation matching, etc) all the way through our top beauty secrets. Hair tutorial is included!



• Color Theory
• Brush and Tools Sanitation
• Basics of Skin Care
• Prep & Prime
• Proper Foundation and Contour Placement
• Properly learn how to apply a strip lash and customizable individuals lashes
• Fundamentals of product knowledge and proper usage

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Beginner - advanced

southeast Asian 

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southeast asian 

2 - day 

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Once you have completed our program, you will receive a certificate of completion and the professional designation of Makeup and Hair Artist. You will have learned the proper techniques and tools needed for makeup and hairstyling specializing in Southeast Asian Bridal. Our certified graduates will get the opportunity to interview as a Makiaj Artist within our bridal Makeup and Hair Company or pave their own way with the help and support of Makiaj Beauty Academy.

Makiaj Beauty Academy has developed a makeup and hair program dedicated to artists who are ready to take on the Southeast Asian Makeup and Hair industry! The Academy is taught by highly qualified artists, and is designed to provide you with the proper techniques for makeup, hair, dupatta placement, and jewelry setting.

hair and makeup certification program


• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Must have a photo ID

beginner - advanced

2 - day

Master class

master class

Makiaj Beauty Makeup and Hair Academy offers two different certificate programs that best suites your needs and each course is dedicated to either makeup or hair. This one-day seminar will touch base on the latest trends, industry secrets and the latest techniques.

Join Master Stylists from Makiaj Beauty Makeup and Hair Academy for a day and learn techniques, industry secrets and hair and makeup tips from industry leaders in an interactive learning environment.

*Seats are limited and are on a first come first serve basis.

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• Must be 18 years of age or older
• Must have a photo ID
• Must have 1 year of makeup and hair experience


THE MAKEUP GURU Is a well-established hair and makeup with a long history of providing a concierge quality experience and her clientele. She had worked for large companies including MAC Cosmetics, Chanel, and Tarte Cosmetics before she founded Makiaj Beauty in 2010. Pooja and her team together have gotten more than a thousand brides ready for their big day to include Southeast Asian and Western Style Weddings. Her knowledge in the bridal fashion industry has given her a company an edge in Arizona and across the states! She has dedicated the last 8 years to building Makiaj Beauty and creating the signature glowy, bronzy bridal makeup look which is highly sought after today both nationwide and globally. Pooja’s noteworthy experience has been in Paris, France, where she studied the latest trends in makeup and hair at the world-renowned J.P. Flerimon Institute. She is an extremely versatile artist with training in Bridal, TV, Cinema, Photoshoots, Runway, Film, Body Painting, and Special Effects. Over the years, she has been very fortunate to have studied under the mentorship of high profile artists and stylists in the cutting edge beauty and fashion industry including Scott Barnes, Stephanie Brinkerhoff and many more. She was recently recognized in Scottsdale Modern Luxury Magazine under “Top 5 Makeup Artists We Adore”.

vanessa vasquez Has spent the last fifteen years developing her skills as a cosmetologist, makeup artist and hairstylist, all the while being extremely passionate about the excellent customer satisfaction. She graduated Cosmetology School in Texas and found her way to Arizona, which is now the place she calls home.
Five years ago, Pooja & Vanessa met at a Runway Show for Michael Costello; it was then that they realized that they have the same vision, passion, and excitement to go beyond just “looking beautiful” but rather “feeling beautiful”-this the mission that Makiaj represents. Soon after Vanessa & Pooja worked closely together to perfect the vision of the modern bride: A woman who appears effortlessly beautiful & confident in her own skin.
Vanessa’s talents lies in creating effortless updo’s and versatile hairstyles that best reflects her client’s style. She is inspired by the bridal fashion industry and knows when and how much she can take her out of their comfort zone to deliver something unique and unforgettable. She is best known for her signature textured bridal updo; which has become a go to hairstyle for many Makiaj Brides. Where she is working on a South Asian Bride or Western Bride. She has definitely made her mark within the beauty industry!




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